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La Structure D’acn Business

Tout ce que vous avez faire est de commercialiser les produits et les services d’ACN par le biais de la publicit et du marketing multi-niveaux (NETWORK MARKETING). La clientle potentielle des services et produits ACN est tout le monde. Il vous permet de fonctionner et de faire directement dans le confort de votre rsidence personnelle.

Il y aura certainement un tarif rgulier mensuel, annuel, ainsi que des frais d’inscription. Il est rest en 1993 lorsque la socit ACN a commenc fournir ses produits et des solutions au march des tats-Unis. ACN est une organisation de publicit plusieurs niveaux qui fournit des articles familiaux modernes tels que des services tlphoniques rgionaux et loigns, la tlvision par satellite, l’lectricit, la scurit et la scurit des rsidences, le lien internet haut dbit et beaucoup plus. Laissez-nous comparatre l’interprtation du schma pyramidal. Ne savez-vous pas que les meilleurs arrivants d’ACN n’ont pas d’historique publicitaire? Maintenant, chef d’tat des tats-Unis, Donald ACN recommande ACN.

Comment Pouvez-Vous Russir Dans Mlm Business Like ACN?

La technologie moderne de la nouvelle gnration de tlphone vido de gnration d’entreprise comprendra certainement un clip vido en streaming HD. C’est le revenu rsiduel dans son type le plus pur. ACN est membre des organisations de marketing direct au nord des tats-Unis et en Europe. Juste un peu de service pourrait le faire beaucoup et ACN est l’un des quelques slectionns. Vous devez savoir comment utiliser le pouvoir du Web pour accder autant d’individus que possible, et pas simplement des individus de vos amis et de votre famille.

Vous pouvez fonctionner dur ACN mais si vous n’avez pas la meilleure approche publicitaire vous ne pourrez certainement pas optimiser vos revenus. En plus de cela, la firme fournit un forfait de compensation merveilleux aux personnes qui souhaitent devenir propritaires indpendants de l’entreprise. Parce qu’il s’agit d’une organisation de marketing multiniveau, vous devez recruter d’autres personnes afin de dvelopper votre rseau. C’est parmi les questions habituelles que les gens ont l’esprit avant de rejoindre ACN.

Aujourd’hui, ACN commercialise dans plus de 20 pays sur de nombreux continents dans le monde entier. Tout le monde pourrait produire un service domicile russi avec ACN, en particulier si la technologie moderne est votre point. Vous les attirez pour frquenter les services et les produits d’ACN.

Qu’est-Ce Que L’ACN Aussi Bien Qu’est-Ce Vraiment Une Fraude?

Si vous tablissez dj un partenariat avec votre exemple, il est temps de fournir la possibilit de votre entreprise. Il faudra certainement une formation et des efforts pour obtenir le sommet, mais a va certainement en valoir la peine.Vous n’tes pas autoris parrainer un nouveau propritaire d’entreprise indpendant. Si vous allez utiliser comme organisation, aprs cela, vous devez fournir tous les documents requis. Il utilise le principe de la publicit plusieurs niveaux.

The Structural Planning, Temples, Enclosures, Nearby Sustenance And Shopping Business Sector All Mix Magnificently To Make It An Ideal Traveler Place To Visit.

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Jaipur Hotel Rooms Gives Flawless Aid To Its Visitors And Additionally Donates Altogether In Its Economy.

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Why is Communication Important

Communication is the basis of our lives and we would in this day and age, be handicapped without it. Everyday we are communicating with each other in some way or another, be it by using words, actions or even expressions in conveying a message. We humans depend not only on face-to-face communication but the kind that brings technology to the fore to bridge that gap between people by mere seconds across vast distances. We take a look briefly into what are the major types of communication, along with their importance.

Types of Communication and Their Importance

Communication is the root of all events, daily interaction, social affairs and anything that requires the purpose of human dealings. We have technology to enhance the idea of communication by making it simpler, faster, effective and convenient no matter where you are on the globe. Its humble beginnings of written letters sent out by men on horseback has evolved greatly to building virtual bridges between nations. Everyday we are constantly humming with communication, whether we realize it or not. All aspects of nature, be it humans, animals, plants and even the weather, are all communicating in a way that is understood and interpreted through observation. The importance of this vital means of being in touch, is crucial for us to survive the everyday. There are four kinds of communication which we will overview that make up the vital parts of this process. These are…


We do it everyday; be it with our help at home, babysitters, neighbors, dog walkers, colleagues, children, friends, family, partners, and store owners – we are constantly in a state of communication. Whether to-the-point or elaborate, our messages are sent across to one another in a manner that is either understandable, vague or distorted. How we communicate what we try to convey, is critical in having the message understood by the receiving party. Verbal communication is also handwritten or emailed, and is streaming in and out of countries and within states every single day.

Non Verbal

Not everything we convey to another is done verbally, where our actions and expressions speak for us on several occasions. We use body language and our facial expressions to portray a feeling, be it a happy, sad or angry one. I’m sure you’ve observed how those who cannot speak, use sign language to their advantage. Using a series of gestures that translate into alphabets and words, the dumb / deaf are able to communicate with others who understand the language. Even the way you dress signals a kind of message to the one who sees you.


In workplaces and other environment that are constantly communicating through email, reports and other sorts of messages, there is a formal flow to how it is written where that air of casualness is absent. There is a system that is followed be it while writing or typing out the message, or when conversing with superiors and others either in person or over the phone. There is a professional stiffness that is ACN commanded and needed in order to maintain a level of respect, precision and clarity. The hierarchy in a company also follows a chain of command that is practiced when it comes to who communicates to whom, and how the message gets across using the right people intended to be in touch with first, before it is carried forward to the appropriate party.


This kind of communication loosens its grip on a formal setting, where ACN group meetings, discussions, debates and the sort that encourage free speaking, is what qualifies as informal. There is no restriction on conveying what it is you feel. AA meetings, leaving messages through post-its, voice mail, a debate team, a creative brainstorming session and so on, are such informal scenarios. Even when conferences take place, the speaker doesn’t have to be all formal about the affair, but can take on an informal edge to keep listeners interested, at ease and encouraged to ask questions if any.

Communication as you can see, is an important factor that governs our everyday lives. What is needed most is the effectiveness of how we communicate, which is often misinterpreted. In order to pass a message along in its entirety without jumbling up its core meaning, it is wise to always review what is being sent, and think beforehand about what is right to say when put into words. That is why, reviewing one’s work diligently and repeatedly is always stressed upon.


De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Accenture Limited es una empresa multinacional dedicada a la prestacin de servicios de consultora, servicios tecnolgicos y de outsourcing. Fue constituida en Hamilton, Bermudas, aunque el da 26 de mayo de 2009 se anunci la aprobacin por parte del comit ejecutivo del traslado de su domicilio social a Irlanda. La revista Fortune la incluy en su lista de las 500 mayores empresas en nivel de ingresos,[2] cuenta con ms de 373.000 empleados en 120 pases, en octubre 2015 empleaba solo en Espaa a unos 10.000 profesionales.[3] En el ao fiscal finalizado el 31 de agosto de 2010, la compaa declar unos ingresos netos de 23.090 millones de dlares estadounidenses.[4]

La marca Accenture (confluencia de los trminos “accent” y “future”) fue creada en 2001, tras abandonar el nombre Andersen Consulting debido al litigio mantenido con la empresa matriz Andersen Worldwide y al desprestigio de su vertiente auditora Arthur Andersen, involucrada en el escndalo financiero de Enron, lo que motiv el cese de sus actividades.[5]

En el ao 2013 ha obtenido el premio Empresa Flexible en la categora de empresa grande que otorga la Comunidad de Madrid al reconocimiento de los programas empresariales que fomentan la conciliacin de la vida laboral y la vida personal de los empleados.[6]


1 Lneas de trabajo

2 Principales subsidiarias

3 Referencias

4 Enlaces externos

Lneas de trabajo

Las cuatro lneas de trabajo llamadas por Accenture Workforces en todo el mundo, dan atencin a los clientes en las reas de consultora, tecnologa y subcontratacin, as como a la propia empresa. Esto es casi siempre una designacin interna ya que es un lugar comn para los empleados de Accenture para trabajar en equipos mezclados por una variedad de razones operativas y de negocio.

Consulting: Enfoque en consultora de gestin, el trabajo de diseo del proceso de produccin y la aplicacin de tecnologas a los negocios. Mejora de ventas, entrega y liderazgo.

Operation: La mayora se centran en los compromisos de subcontratacin en las reas de operaciones de negocios, informtica, desarrollo y mantenimiento de aplicaciones, servicios de soporte tcnico y recursos humanos. En el marco de algunos acuerdos de subcontratacin, los equipos de los clientes internos pueden ser “rebautizado” como los empleados de Accenture alineados a esta fuerza de trabajo. A veces trabajan en proyectos de consultora o como equipos internos de la empresa.

Digital y Technology: Accenture Technology Solutions es la filial que se centra en las habilidades tecnolgicas especficas que se necesitan para ejecutar proyectos o acuerdos de subcontratacin. Comprende la mayora de los empleados de Accenture en las sedes de la compaa situadas en los pases en vas de desarrollo como Brasil, Mxico, India y Filipinas.

Strategys: Enfoque en la gestin y el apoyo a todas las actividades en negocios de Accenture, incluida la seguridad jurdica, de servicios, mercadotecnia y gestin financiera del cliente.

Principales subsidiarias

Tecnilgica Ecosistemas (anteriormente Coritel), es la subsidiaria espaola ACN de Accenture para el desarrollo de software, fundada en 1984.

Accenture Outsourcing Services es la subsidiaria espaola de Accenture para subcontratacin y externalizacin de servicios.

Avanade provee servicios de consultora tecnolgica y soluciones para la plataforma de software Microsoft. Comenz como una empresa conjunta entre Microsoft y Accenture, pero ahora ms del 80% ha sido adquirida por Accenture.

Accenture Technology Solutions proporciona las habilidades tecnolgicas enfocadas a los clientes y comprende toda la mano de obra Solutions, incluyendo a la mayora de los Accenture Delivery Centers situados en los pases en desarrollo como Filipinas, Rumania y pases de Amrica Latina como Mxico, Brasil, Argentina o Chile.

Accenture ofrece servicios de Servicios Federales directamente a las entidades gubernamentales de Estados Unidos, tales como los Departamentos de Defensa, Seguridad Nacional y Justicia. Esta filial fue constituida especficamente para cumplir con un mandato del Congreso que dice que los contratistas de defensa tendrn sede en los Estados Unidos.

Accenture Defense Group proporciona servicios de gestin de documentos, sistemas de tecnologa de la informacin de software y mejora de procesos de negocio estrategias para los gobiernos, proveedores del Estado, las empresas y las organizaciones transnacionales como la Agencia Espacial Europea.

Accenture SAP Solutions ofrece software SAP a los clientes antiguos creados con recursos Coritel BPM de SAP.

Digiplug ofrece fabricacin de msica y video y servicios de entrega a los principales sellos discogrficos, as como operadores inalmbricos y fabricantes de dispositivos mviles de terminales en todo el mundo.

Accenture Mobility Services ayuda a las empresas operadoras desarrollar y desplegar nuevas aplicaciones que generan ingresos ACN mviles.

Accenture Interactive ayuda a las empresas desarrollar capacidades de marketing digital y optimizar sus inversiones en marketing.

Accenture CAS proporciona la gestin de clientes y soluciones de movilidad para la industria de bienes de consumo.


? Accenture Fact Sheet. Accenture. 30 de noviembre de 2015. Consultado el 6 de febrero de 2016.

? Fortune Global 500 – Accenture Company Profile 2008

? Accenture contratar a 2.000 personas em Espaa hasta agosto de 2016. Publicado a 15 de octubre de 2015,

? Company Description Accenture website; retrieved April 7, 2009

? Andersen Consulting obtiene el divorcio de Arthur Andersen tras ganar un arbitraje (El Mundo)

? Madrid Actualidad (20 de febrero de 2013). Premios Madrid Empresa Flexible. Consultado el 25 de febrero de 2013.

Enlaces externos

Sitio oficial (en ingls)

Sitio oficial (en espaol)

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Developing World Class Organizations

When rules of a game change the player’s strategies and actions must also change so as to win in that game. The same goes for business. On the eve of the 21st century the nature of doing business has tremendously changed. Global competition, characteriest by networks that bind countries, the phenomenon of an increasingly border less world, and intense pervasive changes have pushed the limits of business excellence to new frontiers never seen before. For organisations good is no more good enough and excellence has lost its meaning to a new phenomenon called “world class organisations”. World class organisational status is a new ideal relentlessly pursued by ambitious and daring organisations worldwide because this status alone is a status which promises maximum rewards and the victor’s stand.

Let us thus demystify this new phenomenon and develop a model, which could be useful for developing world class organisations.

What is A World Class Organisation

A world class organisation can be defined as “An organisation which has acquired the position of Best of the Bests in the world in its given business and continuously strives for beating its oven standards so as to retain that position”

This definition gives us some pointers which can be rightly called some of the characteristics of a world class organisation:

Characteristics of a world class organisation: –

1.Best of the Bests:

A world class organisation is like a world champion having beaten all business champions throughout the world. Additionally such type of organisation possesses such level of strategic and operational excellence, which is not matched by any other organisation in the world. Classic examples of Best of the Best organisations include Motorola, Federal Express, Microsoft etc.

2.Continuous Improvement:-

The second most important trait of a world-class organisation is the importance it attaches to continuous improvement. This type of organisation do not sit on their laurels rather continuously indulge in self-reinvention process. It is rightly said that “success is a journey and not a destination” and for successful companies improvement is a continuous journey. Those organisations, which practice continuous self-improvement, live longer, while those who become complacent and forget about it ultimately end up with closures.

3.Relentless Focus on Customer Satisfaction:

In the game of business umpires are customers and winning thus lies in their satisfaction. In this era customers have become increasingly demanding, asking for the best quality, cheapest possible price and superior service back up. So to win the hearts of their customers globally acclaimed companies satisfy customers and in most of the cases delight them by offering fabulous quality, charging surprisingly lowest possible prices and providing angel like service. It must be mentioned here that excellent organisations develop excellent relation with their clients and treat them with respect and high esteem. I would like to mention here a personal experience of a Malaysian company called “First Training”. First Training is a video training company, which sells and rent out management and educational videos and multi-media programmes. A small company consisting of half a dozen employees and managed by an excellent manager Thomas Teo can be rightly called as a world class company when it comes to customers satisfactions. A couple of days I visited their office and I was indeed treated like a king. After finishing my meeting I had to attend another meeting and when I asked for the direction of the place of my next meeting I was extremely touched when Thomas told that he would guide me there and asked me to follow his Jeep. I can never forget this kindness as a customer and frankly who would if treated like that by any company.

Strategies for Developing World Class Organisations: –

World-class organisation do not happen by chance rather people build them by design that way. They are created by visions, nurtured by ambitions ad perfected by actions. For reaching the zenith of excellence companies need to carefully formulate strategies and deliberately implement them so as to arrive the desired destination.

The following are some of the few strategies, which are instrumental in developing best of the best companies.

1.Knowledge of Global Economy:-

The first requirement to venture into this journey is to acquire knowledge and understanding of global business environment. It is like swimming – it is one thing to swim in a swimming pool, and quite different to swim in a deep sea full of killing sharks. As such, today any business, which wants to be a global player, must know the nature of global market place. A sound knowledge of different countries and their economies, managing cross cultural teams, predicting global market upheavals and getting prepared for forecasting them are some of the things which a business firm must understand, without which it will be impossible to succeed.

2.Obsession with Quality: –

A lot has been said about quality and thousands of volumes have been written about this subject, but no matter how much is said and written quality can never be over emphasized. Quality is a dynamic state associated with products, service, people processes, and environments that meets or exceeds customer’s expectations. In today’s market place quality is one of the greatest weapons, which determines winning. Apex companies, no matter whatever business they do are fanatically obsessed with improving the quality of their products and services. They continuously work on improving the quality of their products and services, which indeed is one of the keys to attain a universal status.

3.Developing the Most Professional Employees: –

The quality of an organisation depends on the quality of its people and their professionalism. One of the best practices of winning organisations is developing the most professional employees through continuous training and development. One of the biggest misconceptions commonly held by mediocre organisations is that training and development of employees is a non-productive cost. However experience proves otherwise. One study by Robert Zemesky of the National centre of Educational Quality and the Workforce found that education produced productivity joins twice as big as did investment in plant or machinery. Although corporate training and education programmes do not come cheap, an ill-trained workforce can prove even more expensive. A very healthy trend pioneered by world-class organisations like Motorola, Solectron, Microsoft etc. is that these companies have started training and development centre, which they call universities. These universities not only train their employees but also award them with formal certificates and degrees, which helps in ACN enhancing employees self esteem as well as their employability.

4.Innovation and Reinvention: –

In his book Ken Blanchard “Mission Possible: Becoming world-class organisations while There’s still Time” defined world class organisation as “an organisation that is working effectively, not just on one curve, or the other but on the both at the same time and learning from them” The two curves described in this definition refers to both the present as well as future improvement initiatives undertaken by a company. Needless to say that a company should strive to continuously improve its present performance. But at the same time should also use deliberate strategies so as to reinvent the organisation in the time to come thus the end of the present declining curve get connected to a new curve of new products, services, systems and structures which propel the organisation to growth. In dynamic business environments like ours reinvention exercise by companies is the only way to avoid demise and obtain eternal organisational life, which is thus practiced by most of the top industries in the world.

5.World Class Leadership: –

The success of every world class organisation without fail can be traced back to a visible or invisible leader who possessed world class leadership qualities. Honda Motors the Japanese automaker is one of the companies, which is gifted with world class leadership. Of all the Japanese automakers, Honda Motors has achieved excellent international presence due to the company’s dynamic leadership. Honda defined products with the intention of gaining success not only in Japan, but across the world Honda was the first Japanese company which started international manufacturing facility in Belgium by manufacturing mopeds in that country. Today Honda Motor has earned itself a formidable placing in the auto-making industry. This success of Honda Motors can be directly traced to the visionary leadership of Mr. Honda the founder of the company.

The often repeated and usually mentioned theme “Globalisation” of today’s business world is not just a fashionable world but a hard reality which businesses through out the world whether small or big must learn to live with. And to successfully live with this reality companies must raise their standards from domestic to international levels, strive for excellence not only in their oven industry but other industries as well. This stature and standard is what is known as world class standard. For any organisation to be truly called a world class organisation it must have the desire, will and above all the strategies for reaching that position. Thorough knowledge of the global economy, fanatic obsession with quality increased focus on employee professionalism, undergoing self reinvention, and above all possession or acquisition of global leaders are some of the strategies which can give birth to thorough bred companies, rightly known as world class organisations.

Author’s Bio:

Dr. Adalat Khan is the president of Mina Management Institute who specializes in Islamic Leadership, Conflict Resolution and Management strategies. His academic qualification includes Doctorate in Business Administration, Master of Business Administration and various post-graduate diplomas. Born in the NWFP province of Pakistan, Dr. Khan is currently permanently residing in Malaysia. Dr Khan is currently involved in pioneering research on Islamic Leadership Principles and its relevance to today’s leaders and their organizations. He had appeared in numerous radio and television programs and was associated with Pakistan Television as a compare and talk show host. A prolific writer who has written several articles publications, which are published in United Nation’s publications, international magazines, WORLD EXECUTIVE DIGEST, and Management Times, and News Straits Times ACN etc.